2010_tringe_02Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Owen Mc Gough, magician, mentalist and paranormalist. Since his teens Owen has been interested in all things that could be seen as the unexplained or paranormal. However it is only over the last 5 or 6 years that he has dedicated his time into becoming the man he is today.

In 2010 Owen took to the stage at the Preston Tringe festival to demonstrate his strange and intriguing set of skills, over the space of 70 minutes he show off his talent for making predictions and using other peoples body language as a way to work out what they were thinking.  At that moment in time Owen Mc Gough the Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer was born.

He would spend the next 18 months perfecting his skills becoming highly recognised for his work not only as a magician and mentalist but also as a psychic reader, giving readings using the tarot and angel card, along side numerology.

cheating death cover copy-u237For much of 2012, Owen spent time researching new skill and writing.  He studied work by a wide variety of others in his field, these included Paul Voodini and Rob Chapman.  Owen also became great friends with the hypnotist Jonathan Royal, who decided to start teaching him the trades of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  More about these skills can be found within this site.

The one other person who came into Owens life was the owner of Lebanon Circle, Dan Bains.  Dan started to publish some of Owens written works about magic in his online magaz2010_tringe_01ine, call Mystic Menagerie, as well as convincing Owen to write his first book of magic and mentalism entitled ‘Titanic Forces, which was released at the start of 2013.

Now in 2015, Owen is preparing for his busiest year to date.  Owen is currently involved with an expansion of his media interests with his  web design and photographic company Pseudo Media and is looking at some performing and reading dates in summer going through to the end of the year.  He is still willing to provide private and party bookings for magic and readings.  Keep checking this site for full details and availability.

Did we mention Owen is disabled with cerebral palsy? No, just shows there is more to Owen than meets the eye.